Sunday, May 19, 2013

Visual Dare: Climbing

Woah! I have a blog!  :O 

Yeah, I've neglected this blog for a while.  But creating a new blog has rekindled my love for blogging.  And I've decided to make this blog strictly one for flash fiction and writingish things, and my new blog for whatever the heck I want to blog about.  It's pretty exciting.

So, to begin my new writing adventures for this blog, I decided to do Miss Angela Goff's Visual Dare for this week. So here it is!!

Visual Dare: Climbing

Photo Credits!
My Entry:

"The Tree"

They swing, they dream,
They laugh, they sing,
Up up up in the tree
Where are they from?
Where do they go?
Up up up in the tree
Soon the sun sets,
Soon darkness comes,
Up up up in the tree
Though still they climb,
Though still they rest,
Up up up in the tree


Ok so my poetry skills need a little work, or a lot of work, but I'm practicing.  And I've discovered I actually like writing poetry. :O This is a huge shocker considering my reaction to Dickinson in lit class last year. 

I like Edgar Alan Poe and Shel Silverstein though. :)



  1. LOL!! You don't have to love every poet -- just the ones that speak to you. :)

    I love this. It reminds me of the schoolyard songs and poems that the children would recite during their games when I was little. There's a chorus-and-answer aspect to this that I really love. I can almost hear the children chanting in my head....

  2. Wonderful and cute... like the children singing... very nice :-)
    Liking poetry can come late ..