Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Visual Dare: Stuck

Well, here is my entry for the lovely Miss Angela Goff's 'Visual Dare' she hosts on her amazing blog.


Why?  Why shouldn't I be allowed free?  I've been good.  I've taken this punishment with nothing but completely silent tolerance.  I've never left, even after all this time.  I've been staying in this prison, waiting until "the day".

Well, when will it come?!  I'm tired of this.  It's been more than I deserved.  I want to be again, to laugh again, to run.  This has gone on long enough.

I'll just free myself.  Why not?  Maybe they've forgotten.  If not then I suppose they'll just have to face me.

Now, what were the magic words?  Oh yes, "hold your breath".


Let me know what you think! :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Now that June has come, things are really beginning to feel truly like summer.  It felt like summer when school let out back in May, but something about entering June just makes the summer seem so much bolder, at least to me. 

Usually summer is my least favorite season because of the scorching hot Georgia weather that is normally so humid you might as well go swimming through the air.  But this year things are different. 

I'm loving the bright warm sun and the long evenings.....

And the wildflowers/weeds-with-blossoms that are everywhere...  They're just so happy. :)

The other day I went outside and took many random pictures of all the pretty things. (Hence the pictures above.)  It was some extremely enjoyable fun and I highly recommend it. :D

I think part of my excitement for this summer comes from the fact that it's my last summer as a high school student. *yikes.*  Therefore, I'm kind of determined to make it a special one.

I've contrived a list of goals to accomplish this summer in order to hopefully make it more memorable. Not any kind of serious goals like conquering the world or winning the Nobel Prize...

Much more practical goals.  Like completing my novel's very-rough-draft, dancing in the rain, learning to speak at least 3 sentences in Hindi, getting a job, spending lots of time with my amazing family and friends, and painting so many pictures my hand will feel like it's going to fall off....

I'm just so excited to see what this summer will entail :)

What about you? Do you have any amazing summer goals? Or any other random comments regarding summerishness? I would love to hear from you!